Summer 2022 cancer update

Captain's Log, Stardate 8/15/2022

So it's been awhile since I've updated this section, which could mean one of two things, either I've been busier than a pair of jumper cables at a Mexican picnic....(comedic pause) OR I've moved on to a higher existence.  Lucky for me, or unlucky, depending on how you view it, it's the FIRST reason.  To be succinct, my oncology team has reduced my PSA score, which was 645 at it's highest back in summer of 2020, down to 1.07!!  Amazing....  This translates to the original tumor in my prostate being shrunk down to the size of a BB.  Meanwhile, the bone metastasis has been unchanged since they first looked at them back in late May of 2022, and has been described to me as STABLE.  

I have continued to perform and do light work and physical activity, and everyday tasks comfortably and with little pain, thanks to a new med that I'm taking along with 5mg of Prednisone which has been a game changer for me in this regard.  I have my lord and savior God to thank, as well as all of your prayers, and light energy that you send my way.  Until further notice, the shell that God provided me is doing well, sans a few hot flashes here and there from the damn Lupron that eliminates all testosterone from my body.  Better than the alternative though.  Waaaaay better....  Captain Kirk signing out for now.  FD

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