Don't hold back now, Doc!!

No need to candy coat what I'm about to share with you.  On Monday June 8th, 2020 I had my first appointment with the oncologist, who gave it to me straight.  It was a lot to process and for the first time, I was taken aback a bit although I wasn't really expecting the BEST of news.  He explained that the cancer has now taken up residency in different hot spots throughout my bones (metastisis).  He told me that the cancer is aggresive and that he in turn wants to take aggresive action in treating it ASAP.  My Gleason score out of 1-10 is a TEN. (Do I get a trophy for this?? :-) )

Soooo....I begin chemotherapy next Monday the 15th, and will also be given Xgeva which inhibits the breakdown of the bone.  These treatments will go on for the next 6 months every 3 weeks.  He then made it clear that my respective cancer is incurable but controllable, and that I will probably deal with it as long as I live (however long THAT will be).

I received an injection of Lupron, which inhibits the male's ability to produce testosterone, which feeds the cancer cells, and I will receive every three months.  In turn, the estrogen levels will take over and due to that, I will experience female menopausal symptoms (Can't wait, boys).  But this is necessary to slow down the growth of the cancer because it feeds on testosterone.  At least I know I had high testosterone going in, but this serves as little consolation NOW.

On Monday the 22nd, I will go in to have a port installed in my chest to have easy access for the chemo needle/treatment.  This will be a brand new challenge for me, but I'm prepared mentally, spiritually, and physically for "What's next?"

I thank you all for your continued prayers, well wishes and support.  Believe me, I feel every bit of it and it lifts my spirit like you don't know.  I'm sorry if I can't answer each and every one of your texts, emails, Facebook comments and letters, but know that I am extremely grateful.

Look for the release of both songs/videos in the coming weeks.  First - "Questions For God" and then "New Mexico Midnights".  "Questions" specifically is SO timely for what our country and planet are going through at the moment, and I wrote it over 15 years ago, but the universe decided it was time to put it out in the cosmos.  I can't stop watching it and I'm so excited for you all to see what Carole Pellatt has created visually to compliment my song.

Adios for now and que, Dios los bendiga. (May God bless you)