summer 2022

back in new mexico!!

Well, I've been spending the entire summer in my hometown of Alamogordo, and it's been quite a whirlwind of events, parties, funerals, motorcycle rides, a few gigs here and there, and mostly working on the family property, renovating what I can, with the help of good friends, thanks to God.  My cancer is under control and my bone metastasis is stable, again gracias a Dios. 

I will be here until Labor Day, and then return to Phoenix to continue performing at various venues there from Sept - May.  I swore I'd never spend another scorching summer in Phoenix again and I kept my word.  It's been cooler, though still warm here in southern New Mexico, but ohhhh the nights. Soooo nice... Thank you for your continued prayers and support.  I have a wheelbarrow full of gratitude for all of you, and a bunch of dirt and scrap wood and old nails.  Hasta la proxima, amigos....

Oh, here's a tribute to Olivia Newton-John that I did on the night of the day she died.  She had the voice and face of an angel... RIP

Previous events

Freddie Duran

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Mad Jack's Mountaintop BBQ, 105 James Canyon Hwy,, Cloudcroft, NM

Freddie continues his summer back in New Mexico at this super popular BBQ restaurant where people stand in line 1 1/2 hours before it even opens. James Jackson serves up the BBQ he learned to smoke in his hometown of Lockhart, TX, and even goes back to get the wood he used in Texas, and brings it back by the truck loads. Freddie will be performing in the new pavilion In the cool pines of Cloudcroft, NM

Freddie's new single and video, New Mexico Midnights are now available to purchase and watch here!!