Round 2: Chemo day

On Monday July 5th, I had my second round of chemo, but it was my first session using my new port that was installed 2 weeks ago.  It went well and relatively easy to place the needle into my chest with little to no pain.  I received some great news this time around.  My PSA score has continued to lower as I begin my treatment.  At the time of diagnosis it was at 524, and then rapidly rose to 645 a month ago.  At the time of my first chemo session, I was informed that it had dropped to 240 after my Lupron shot (hormone therapy).  I was happy to hear this drop of 400 points.   Well yesterday (Monday) the doctor informed me that it has gone way down to 69!!   It looks like my therapy plan is working and your prayers and well wishes are bringing positive results.

I am now waiting to see if I have any side effects from this round of chemo, hopefully they are minimum if any at all, due to my weight gain and generally overall rise in energy and well being.  We shall see...  I have made a video discussing this news along with a general update on my condition.  You can view it here under the videos tab.

Once again, I am overwhelmed by your continual thoughts, well wishes, and prayers.  They do not go unnoticed, believe me.  May God bless you all....